Wednesday, 23 April 2014
24 Greenhouses

greenhouseWELL GROWN AND WELL PRICED. When you produce a lot of flowers like we do, and do it well, you can hold the line on pricing. Since we do all our own growing, our pricing is even better: 

  • No trucking costs
  • No labor cost to load and unload
  • No product lost due to mishandling and stress

We also provide much better plants because our crops are not stressed from shipping. They keep growing and growing, and we tend to them with heat, water, food and patience.

From us to you—it’s a short sweet line that leads to the best price and the best plant you can buy. 

CHOICES AND SELECTION. With 24 greenhouses we have the room to grow what we like, and since we are a family of farmers, we like to grow of lot of different plants. Check out our catalog—it lists over 2000 varieties of annuals, perennials, grasses, ferns, and vegetables. When you open our doors and look inside we are confident that you’ll see everything a gardener would need to plan, choose and plant for spring and summer color.

Stop by and browse our main greenhouse—it features our very best material front and center. Don’t forget to explore the production houses out back—you may find that certain extra special something!